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Garden City Apartment Rentals / Garden City 14 – One Bed

garden city apartment rentals

This ground floor apartment is one of our Garden City apartment rentals. It has been refurbished and has a walk-in shower.

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Garden City Reviews

Have just returned from a holiday on this complex. We absolutely loved this place and will definitely be returning again next year. The complex is in a fantastic location for a start. It is so relaxing and the staff and facilities are amazing. We booked this time through Karen Durant from Holidays 4U. We booked a privately owned apartment which had apparently just been refurbished. It was very styllish and definitely one of the highest standard apartments that we have ever booked. One of the reason that we chose this particular apartment was that it had a walk-in shower and it was on the ground floor, as my wife  has walking difficulties, so it was ideal for us. We have been to Tenerife many times, so we have a fair idea of what to expect and this apartment certainly exceeded our expectations. One of the things which we were impressed with was the prompt replies to our queries which we received from Karen.  It certainly gives confidence. There is nothing worse than having to repeat emails to owners due to lack of response. The price works out much cheaper to book a privately owned apartment and our own flights, rather than an all inclusive deal through a hotel. Also we loved the fact that we could eat out every night in different restaurants.  When booking a hotel, the food gets a bit monotonous.  Also, in a hotel you have to stick within the hours set for each meal, whereas when booking a privately owned self catering apartment you can eat whenever you want. We hardly cooked in the apartment and ate out most nights, but it was great as it was just more flexible.