Sea Front Apartments to Rent in Corralejo

Vista Lobos 1 – Two Bed: Sea Front Apartments to Rent in Corralejo


sea front apartments to rent in corralejo

One of our sea front apartments to rent in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. The apartment is situated on the Vista Lobos complex and has two bedrooms.

This two bedroom apartment on Vista Lobos is one of our sea front apartments to rent in Corralejo.

The balcony enjoys amazing sea views as you can see from the photo on the left. The balcony is very spacious with various sets of patio furniture to relax on and enjoy the view.

The lounge is also very spacious with a large L-shaped sofa with a large flatscreen TV.

The 2 bedrooms both have 2 single beds.  The apartment also has a washing machine.



Former ancient capital of Fuerteventura.

Betancuria is the former ancient capital of Fuerteventura, which takes it’s name from Jean de Bethencourt a Norman conqueror who founded the city in 1405. As you can imagine there is an abundance of history to discover here.

The city is set in a picturesque valley next to a stream. The stream is dried up today, but flowed up to the 16th century. The position of the city was carefully planned to avoid attacks from pirates. But despite this there was a devastating pirate attack in 1593 by the pirate Jaban. Everything was destroyed including the church of Santa Maria, which was rebuilt in 1691.

Betancuria remained the capital in 1834. This was due to lack of arable land, which lead to people moving away from the city. The next capital was La Oliva, but later the honour was handed to Puerto de Cabras, known today as Puerto Rosario.

There is lots to see in Betancuria including traditional Canarian houses, churches and convents. We recommend a visit to the Casa Museo Arquebiologico, which can be found on the main street. The museum holds interesting and important archaeological finds including fertility idols. There is also an ancient cannon.

Next to the museum there is the Centro Insular de Artesania, where you can see traditional arts and crafts.

The church is open from 10am to 6pm. It has been fully restored and accepts visitors. It also has it’s own museum.

Don’t miss a visit to Casa Santa Maria where you can watch the locals, crafting hand made products, which are also for sale in the shop. There is also a good restaurant here.

Today Betancuria’s economy is totally based on tourist visitors.


Holiday Apartments to Rent on Parque Santiago 2

Parque Santiago II (195) – Two Bed: Holiday Apartments to Rent on Parque Santiago 2


holiday apartments to rent on parque santiago 2

One of our holiday apartments to rent on Parque Santiago 2 in Las Americas, Tenerife. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

This two bedroom apartment is one of our holiday apartments to rent on Parque Santiago 2. It has been fully refurbished and has two bathrooms.

It enjoys a marvellous pool view from the balcony.

It can sleep up to 6 people with a sofa bed in the lounge, which also has a flat screen television with satellite channels, including English.

There are showers in both of the bathrooms.

Wine Museum La Baranda

This museum is situated in El Sauzal in the North of Tenerife and is owned by the Tenerife Government, who use it to promote Tenerife’s best wines. The museum itself dates from the 17th century and exhibits over 300 types of local wine including the famous Malmsey wine. The latter was once rated as one of the best in the world. A barrel of it was included as part of Shakespeare’s salary.

You can learn about the methods of making wine in Tenerife both in the past and present. A wine tasting room is available so that you can taste a variety of different wines, which are available to purchase in the shop. Or sometimes the wine tasting is arranged on the terrace which enjoys amazing views.

There is also a restaurant and tapas bar in the museum, which is reported to be very good.

The museum enjoys glorious sea and mountain views and car parking is available for customers. However, if you are thinking about doing some wine tasting it may be advisable to take a taxi instead. Remember the museum and restaurant are closed on Monday. Useful to know if you are planning to make a special trip!

Holiday Apartments on Andalucia Tenerife

Andalucia 5 – One Bed: Holiday Apartments on Andalucia Tenerife


holiday apartments on andalucia tenerife

One of our one bedroom holiday apartments on Andalucia Tenerife. It has a large balcony with sun loungers.

One of our holiday apartments on Andalucia Tenerife, which is available for holiday rentals.

It has 2 single beds and the lounge has a sofa bed as well as satellite TV with English channels.

The balcony is large with sea views, with a patio table and chairs and sun loungers.

The apartment is on the 4th floor with lift access.

La Orotava

La Orotava

Town in the North of Tenerife near the coast.

La Orotava is a town in the North of Tenerife near the coast. It is 4km South East of Puerto de la Cruz.

After the Spanish conquest the economy of La Orotava was based on agriculture such as sugar, bananas, tomatoes and wine. At this time the town was home to many noblemen and the richest landowners.

Today the economy is still based on agriculture, but mainly bananas as well as tourism which began in the 19th century. La Orotava is very popular with tourists from Northern Europe. It is considered to be a cultural centre and therefore attract many writers and travellers.

The Old Town is full of 16th, 17th and 18th century mansions.

Lucas Maes

Lucas Maes

Fine restaurant in La Orotava.

Lucas Maes is a highly recommended restaurant in La Orotava. The restaurant is styllish, the food is delicous: art and cuisine combined.

The dishes are quite simply a delight to the eye as well as to the tastebuds.

The restaurant can also be hired for business functions and private events.

Some of the starter dishes include crispy prawns with salad and soy and ginger dressing and warm lobster salad on a bed of pickled apple spaghetti with rocket and watercress in a tangy sweet sauce. Main courses include crispy sesame seeded grilled salmon and seared tuna with potato mashed with saffron, ratatouille and spinach.  Sound tempting?




Villa for Rent in Playa de las Americas

Villa Marine: Villa for Rent in Playa de las Americas


villa for rent in playa de las americas

A luxurious six bedroom villa for rent in Playa de las Americas. The has a private heated pool and air conditioning.

A luxurious villa with six bedrooms and five bathrooms in the heart of the resort of Playa de las Americas in Tenerife.

The villa is in a great location as it is in walking distance to the beach (Playa Troya) as well as shops, bars and restaurants.

The villa has air condition, high speed internet and a state of the art satellite TV system with over 2500 channels including English, German, French and Spanish.

La Laguna

La Laguna

The 2nd most important city in Tenerife.

San Cristobal de la Laguna in North Tenerife is the second most populated city in Tenerife. It is located close to Santa Cruz, which it is linked to by tramlines.

In 1999 the historical centre was declared a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO.

Many years ago, La Laguna used to be the capital city of Tenerife, after the Spanish conquest in the 1400s.

It is home to the University of La Laguna, which is the oldest university in the Canaries and is home to 30,000 students. It was founded in 1701.

It is also worth visiting the Cathedral of La Laguna, which is the Catholic cathedral of Tenerife.

In the 18th century the capital was transferred to Santa Cruz due to a declining economy and population in La Laguna. But today it is still considered to be the “cultural capital”.

We would also recommend a visit to the Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion to see the fabulous wooden pulpit which dates from the Baroque era and the ornate wooden ceiling. There is also a museum inside the church, where you can explore more about the art and history of La Laguna.

It is a truly beautiful city with narrow streets and colourful townhouses and historic mansions.  There are also plenty of small shops and tempting tapas bars.

Holiday Studio to Rent on Santa Maria

Santa Maria 104 – Studio: Holiday Studio to Rent on Santa Maria


holiday studio to rent on santa maria

A holiday studio to rent on Santa Maria which has been fully refurbished. The apartment has satellite TV with English channels.

holiday studio to rent on Santa Maria which has been styllishly refurbished.

The studio includes all the mod cons including a spacious L-shaped sofa and satellite TV with English channels.

The kitchen includes a 2-ring hob and a microwave.

There are 2 single beds in the bedroom area with a wardrobe.

The bathroom has a shower cubicle. The balcony outside is furnished with a patio table and chairs as well as a sun canopy.

Jungle Park

Jungle Park

The white tiger from India is a spectacular creature with almost white fur and blue eyes.

The Jungle Park is situated North of Chayofa above Los Cristianos. A free shuttle bus runs from various locations in Costa Adeje, Las Americas and Los Cristianos.

It is the only park of it’s type in Europe featuring a jungle created using wild jungle plants and trees. It is home to over 300 animals, covering 100+ different species.

The birds include eagles, falcons and vultures as well as many exotic birds from all over the world, including the macaws.

The primates include gibbons with their long arms, orang-utans and chimpanzees, who are considered to be the closest to mankind. All live in an environment which has been created to be similar to their natural habitats.

The big cats include two white lions, which are an endangered species, as well as leopards (ferocious hunters who have such amazing agility that they can even climb up trees). There are also two types of tigers from India, the Bengal Tiger and the white tiger which is a fabulous create with almost white fur and blue eyes.

Don’t miss the sea lion show. There are 8 sea lions including 2 males and 6 females. They love to perform and show off with the help of their trainers.



Mare Verde Holiday Lettings

Mare Verde 84 – Studio: Mare Verde Holiday Lettings


mare verde holiday lettings

One of our Mare Verde holiday lettings: a studio with a double bed and 2 modern single sofa beds. There is also a washing machine in the shower room.

One of our Mare Verde holiday lettings, this lovely studio is situated on the 1st floor and enjoys sea views (see photos).

It has been beautifully refurbished in a modern style. It can sleep up to 4 people as it has a double bed as well as 2 single sofa beds. There is also a flat screen TV with satellite channels, including English speaking ones.

There is a shower room with a walk-in shower and also a washing machine.



A pretty harbour town with cobbled streets in the North of Tenerife.

Garachico is a pretty harbour town with cobbled streets.  This styllish town is situated in the North of Tenerife and is well worth a visit. Today you will find a boutique hote here and the lava rock pools in the bay have been re-developped. You will be impressed by the pretty fishermans’ cottages and the grand town houses.

In the 16th and 17th centuries is used to be the main trading harbour with banana steamers and sailing boats, which would transport Malvasia wine and sugar cane. It became a very important port due to it’s naturally deep harbour.

But Garachico has known devastation in the past, but somehow has managed to pick itself up and rise to new heights.

In 1645 there was a huge landslide caused by heavy rains, which destroyed 40 ships and killed over 100 people. But Garachico recovered, but a worse disaster was to follow.

In 1706 Mount Teide erupted sending a molten lava flow down towards Garachico. Luckily the flow was slow enough to allow the townsfolk to evacuate on horseback and on foot. The trade was re-established in Puerto de la Cruz to the East. Today the main trade in Garachico in agriculture, mainly banana plantations.




Holiday apartments for rent Tenerife Royal Gardens

Tenerife Royal Gardens 2 – One Bed: Holiday apartments for rent Tenerife Royal Gardens


Holiday apartments for rent Tenerife Royal Gardens

A range of holiday apartments for rent on a self catering basis in the Playa de las Americas resort including several on the Tenerife Royal Gardens complex.

One of our Holiday apartments for rent Tenerife Royal Gardens has just been fully refurbished in a modern style.

The apartment is on the 3rd floor with amazing sea and pool views (see photo left).

The apartment is a duplex with the living area downstairs and a bedroom upstairs. There is satellite TV with English channels available in the lounge as well as the bedroom, which has a large double bed.

In the bathroom there is a walk-in shower and a washing machine.

Tenerife International Film Festival

Tenerife International Film Music Festival

This festival takes place each July in the Auditorio de Tenerife.

The Tenerife International Film Music Festival takes place every year in the Auditorio de Tenerife in Santa Cruz. The festival began life in 2007.

Each year film makers are invited to submit their films. Musical and film awards are given out, for example the

Best Original Score in a Short Film

and the

Alex North Award for Best Original Score in a Feature Film

as well as many others.

Maurice-Alexis Jarre is an Honoree Composer. He is best known for his film scores which including “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “Ryan’s Daughter”, and “The Man who Would be King”.

Concerts are also given throughout the festival featuring renowned film music and songs.

In addition to the Auditorio de Tenerife, another venue which is used for the festival is the Guimera Theatre, also in Santa Cruz.  It is 150 years old and is one of the oldest theatres in the Canary Islands.  The theatre is internationally renowned and has had famous soloists, top class orchestras, international conductors and dance companies performing here. The stage is very large and can accommodate a full size symphony orchestra and choir. The acoustics are also excellent.

Club Atlantis Costa Adeje

Club Atlantis 82 – Two Bed: Club Atlantis Costa Adeje


club atlantis costa adeje

A two bedroom modern apartment at Club Atlantis in Costa Adeje, Tenerife. Situated on the ground floor and split over 2 levels, it enjoys sea views. There are 2 bathrooms and each bedroom has a double bed. A sofa bed in the lounge, means that the apartment can sleep up to 6 people.

A two bedroom two bathroom apartment on Club Atlantis Costa Adeje, which enjoys sea views as it is right on the sea front.

The apartment is a duplex with a spacious enclosed terrace downstairs and an upstairs balcony.

The apartment has been refurbished in a modern style with 2 double beds and all the modern conveniences including a dishwasher and washing machine.

The owner offers an optional airport transfer, where the driver would be bring the keys to the airport and take clients directly back to the apartment.

Latest Review

Club Atlantis

Two bedroom two bathroom apartment on Club Atlantis in Tenerife.

Sorry this reply is so late as our holiday was back in July, but I did want to let you know that everything was great and we were very pleased with the accommodation and we will be more than happy to book again next year.

Regards Andrea


Booking proceedure and information supplied – 5 stars / Cleanliness of accommodation 4 stars / Facilities of accommodation 4 stars / Value for money 5 stars / Surrounding area 5 stars / Would you book again? Yes

Club Atlantis is a 5 star complex in the Puerto Colon area of Costa Adeje in Tenerife. It is only a 15 minute walk to the Aqualand Water Park and a 5 minute walk to the beach. There are 2 swimming pools as well as a childrens’ pool and a poolside snack bar.

For more great reviews click here: Club Atlantis: Great Location, Nice Atmosphere

or here: Club Atlantis: Clean Complex and Great Facilities



Paloma Beach Apartments for Rent

Paloma Beach 13 – One Bed: Paloma Beach Apartments for Rent


paloma beach apartments for rent

A one bedroom apartment on the Paloma Beach complex in Los Cristianos, Tenerife. The apartment has a walk-in shower.

This is one of our Paloma Beach Apartments for Rent. It has one bedroom and has been fully refurbished. Situated close to the sea front in the Los Cristianos in Tenerife, the apartment enjoys fabulous sea views from the balcony.

Inside the furnishings are modern including 2 sofas and satellite TV in the lounge.

There is also a walk-in shower and washing machine in the bathroom.

Auditorio de Tenerife

Auditorio de Tenerife

Situated in the capital city of Tenerife, Santa Cruz.

The Auditorio de Tenerife is situated in the capital city of the Canary Islands.  It is located in the port, next to the Atlantic Ocean. The Auditorium took 6 years to build from 1997 to 2003 and even longer for the concept to be enacted as original plans started in the 1970s. The opening of the Auditorium was covered by the international media including Paris Le Monde, the Independent, Financial Times and the New York Times and it was visited by Bill Clinton, former US president. Some regard it as the finest modern building in the Canaries. In 2008 it was featured on Spanish stamps and in 2011 on some commemorative 5 euro coins designed from notable symbols of Spanish cities. It is also the home to the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra.

The main concert hall seats 1600 people in an amphitheater style. The Chamber Hall has 400 seats again in an amphitheater style. There is also a cafe, shop and press room in the lobby. Backstage there are numerous dressing rooms as well as rooms for costumes, makeup and hairdressing. Outside there are 2 terraces which overlook the sea. As well as concerts the Auditorium is also available for conventions, product launches and conferences. It is hosting a operatic singing competition (September 2015).



Holiday Apartments to Rent Parque Santiago IV

Parque Santiago IV – Two Bed: Holiday Apartments to Rent Parque Santiago IV


holiday apartments to rent parque santiago iv

An apartment which has been converted from two bedroom apartment and a studio, which is therefore very spacious.

One of our holiday apartments to rent Parque Santiago IV, this is a very spacious apartment which can comfortably sleep 6 people, as it has been converted from a two bedroom apartment and a studio.

Also as the apartment is on a higher level, it enjoys glorious sea and pool views.

It is a duplex apartment with two bathrooms, both with baths and overhead showers.

The kitchen is fully equipped with oven, fridge, 4-ring ceramic hob and extractor fan etc.

El Medano

El Medano

The best location in Tenerife for wind surfing and kite surfing.

El Medano was originally a fishing village and today is a Spanish themed small holiday resort. It is situated in the Granadilla de Abona area of Tenerife just South of the airport Reina Sofia.

It is very well known as being the best place for wind surfing and kite surfing, due to the strong winds. There have been many championships and competitions here over the years. There are 3 main windsurfing areas: Cabezo Beach (wavespot onshore), Harbour Wall (wavespot sideshore) and Bay (flat/swell). Within the Bay there are 3 areas: Pigs Bay which is to be avoided as it can be dangerous, a swimming area which is marked out by a series of buoys (the waters are swallow making it great for children) and a wailing area with good exit and entry points.

The town itself is close to two large natural beaches: Playa Tejita which is popular with naturists and Playa Grande. These are separated by the Red Mountain, which is a protected natural reserve and takes half an hour to climb to the top. During the Summer months there are local fiestas in the main square, where there are also many restaurants and bars. Tourists will find a good selection of restaurants serving a variety of international cuisines, including Mexican, traditional Canarian and Japanese.

The resort is used by many of the locals at the weekend.