Villa in Corralejo for Rent

Villa in Corralejo for Rent / Villa Sonia

A three bedroom villa in Corralejo for rent with private pool. The villa has wifi internet access and satellite TV.


villa in corralejo for rent

A three bedroom villa with private pool in the Corralejo resort in Fuerteventura. The villa has wifi internet access and satellite TV.

A spacious, luxury villa in Corralejo for rent. It is very well located, being only a 10 minute walk from the centre of Corralejo and a 15 minute walk from the famous Flag beach.

There are three bedrooms, two with double beds and one twin room. The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom. There is a 2nd family bathroom.

The living room is spacious and modern in style with a comfortable L-shaped sofa, satellite TV including English channels and a dining table and chairs.

The villa has wifi internet access.

Outside there is a private pool and a garden with sun loungers. A pagoda provides partial shade for a seating area and there is an upper terrace with spectacular views.

The modern kitchen is fully equipped and includes extra touches such as a juicer, blender and coffee maker. There is also a washing machine and dishwasher.

History of Fuerteventura

Guize and Ayose

Statues of the 2 Kings Guize and Ayose

The island of Fuerteventura was first inhabited by a primitive pagan people, before the invasion of the Europeans. These people were called ‘Mohorero’, coming from the word ‘mahos’ which is the goatskin shoe which the people wore. The Mohoreros are said to have come originally from North Africa.

A wall divided the island into 2 kingdoms. In the North Maxorata was ruled by Guize and in the South Jandia by Ayose. Both were advised by two priestesses Tamonante and Tibiabin.

The Mohoreros used to live in underground dwellings and caves. They lived on cheese, milk, goat’s meat, fish, shellfish and golfio which is made from toasted barley flour and is still on sale in supermarkets today. They were a spiritual people, who used the mountains for pagan ceremonies and rituals.