by Karen Durant

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A trip to the village of Masca is highly recommended, as it is a very popular tourist destination in Tenerife, almost as popular as the Teide mountain. It is a small, ancient mountain village, whicih is extremely pretty and is situated in hte Tena mountains in North Tenerife. The village is home to 150 people. In the 1960s, the village was completely in accessible by road and even the main village is only reachable on foot. The road approaching the village is dramatic, as it takes you through deep ravines and sharp hair-pin bends. It is impossible for large coaches to pass through some of these bends and even small coaches are forced to do a lot of manoeuvring in order to get through. The area is very verdant and mountainous and is suspected to have been a pirate hideaway. The small bay of Masca is a 3 hour walk downhill and to get back you have to bear in mind that you can either take a boat to the nearby Los Gigantes or you have a walk back to the village which is only recommended for the fittestas inevitably, it is all up hill and takes longer than the trip down.

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