Pyramid de Arona

Playa de las Americas, Tenerife

by Karen Durant

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The Pyramid of Arona is an auditorium, just around the corner from Parque Santiago III and IV in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife. It stages spectacular shows and entertainment, such as flamenco for example. Part of the Mare Nostrum Resort with its group of hotels Mediterranean Palace, Cleopatra etc, it is situated just across te road from the Safari shopping centre and the famous water fountains, where music is played every night. The latest show is called 'Alma' by Carmen Mota Ballet. The 1st half consists of Spanish ballet which music by some famous artists and the 2nd half is in the more traditional flamenco style with live music and dancers.

The entrance is very grand as it is at the base of a 50 foot pyramid, thus the name! It's also a chance to dress up!

To book tickets ring +34 22 757500.

If you want somewhere to stay, try our apartments in Parque Santiago III or IV, or nearby Azahara Playa where a lot of the apartments enjoy spectacular sea views.

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